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Temples of Angkor

...the carvings here are sensational, almost two hundred giant faces towering out from its peaks, detailed bas reliefs depicting the mythology and history narrating the centuries that have passed here.


Disillusioned by societies languid, apathetic faces reflected in an iPhone screen these days? Then visit Yogyakarta.


No sooner had we paid our entry fee of 200,000rhp, we were face to face with the great Komodo, a pile of giants sat across our path, attracted by the smell from the guides kitchen, no longer the stuff of mythology or fantasy, Flores has legitimate dragons.

Northern Chile

The final death throes of our visit were spent awing once again at the Large Magellanic Cloud, a galaxy of a billions of suns orbiting our Milky Way, 130,000 light years away. To put that into perspective, anyone in that galaxy peering back through a telescope at us on that night, would have seen a primitive mankind yet to leave Africa, and watched Neanderthals still roaming the plains.

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