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Embraced by ocean on the very north western tip of this great continent, it has bones of fortress walls and a belly of multicoloured colonial buildings, rhythmic salsa drums provide the heartbeat that pumps a melting pot of humankind through its narrow pastel streets...

Chiang Mai

Away from the neon glow of the big cities, this was a chance to peer into real life for these hill dwellers that have survived for generations, barring the addition of a few Premier League shirts, almost unchanged.

Khao Sok National Park

Set in a valley of forest green hills, small businesses sit like punctuation marks along the road, dogs came sniffing inquisitively and then left us for the next...

Phu Quoc

Where most of Vietnam bares the scars of recent horrors, Phu Quoc, even after housing South Vietnam's largest prisoner camp during the war, is a literal and metaphorical breath of fresh air...

Koh Rong Samloem

Past midnight; the moon cut like a sickle, thousands of iridescent points of light overhead, the three of us waded into the lukewarm Cambodian sea...

Cat Ba Island

$12 for a day spent wondering at some of mother natures greatest art, swimming in postcard oceans, kayaking what felt like uncharted earth and getting up close and personal with some of humankinds earliest ancestors.

Kawah Ijen Volcano

The early start, the wittering of tour groups and the haranguing of the wannabe guides seemed like a distant memory as the four of us sat alone atop the world and gazed at one of South East Asia's most alluring natural wonders.

Mount Bromo

As our planet turned to face its star, the valley turned to rust, chalk white clouds caressed its body forever and up towards Bromo, the primary colours of morning lit the trail of mist like stardust around the forest floor.

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