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Long term travel, it’s not all shits and giggles.

Backpacking on a budget especially is all encompassing, and for the most part overwhelmingly positive (i’ll cover that next time), here I have chosen three things that grind my gears, completely subjective of course, with a travelling lifestyle. Bare in mind throughout that this all makes up maybe 10% of the whole experience, I adore this life.

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Kawah Ijen Volcano

The early start, the wittering of tour groups and the haranguing of the wannabe guides seemed like a distant memory as the four of us sat alone atop the world and gazed at one of South East Asia's most alluring natural wonders.


Disillusioned by societies languid, apathetic faces reflected in an iPhone screen these days? Then visit Yogyakarta.


No sooner had we paid our entry fee of 200,000rhp, we were face to face with the great Komodo, a pile of giants sat across our path, attracted by the smell from the guides kitchen, no longer the stuff of mythology or fantasy, Flores has legitimate dragons.

Mount Bromo

As our planet turned to face its star, the valley turned to rust, chalk white clouds caressed its body forever and up towards Bromo, the primary colours of morning lit the trail of mist like stardust around the forest floor.

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