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Long term travel, it’s not all shits and giggles.

Backpacking on a budget especially is all encompassing, and for the most part overwhelmingly positive (i’ll cover that next time), here I have chosen three things that grind my gears, completely subjective of course, with a travelling lifestyle. Bare in mind throughout that this all makes up maybe 10% of the whole experience, I adore this life.

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An incredible orchestra of enduring cacophonous groans fill the frozen winds, punctuated regularly by huge cataclysmic explosions as house sized chunks make their break from the surface and destroy the serenity of the water.

Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is a massive city, its size befitting the capital of such a massive country, sprawling twelve lane roads slash at its heart, the 48 main districts (barrios) that make up the city are spread far and wide, the facade of the streets change from trench walls to Parisian masterpieces as you navigate to its core, its potential is there upon first contact, it just takes time. Luckily, time is all I had.

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